Really? Social Media Better Done In-House

Results of CMO Club Weekly Poll published on BW blog made some interesting reading. Question that was asked was Which of your groups is best equipped to help you with your social media efforts today?

114 CMOs responded:

65.6% In House
15.6% Interactive Agency
9.4% PR Firm
9.4% Social Media Agency
0% Creative/Ad Agency

Why majority of respondents preferred In House Agency rather than entrusting the work to outside firms?

Answer lies in the fact that Social Media is still a very new subject and unexplored medium – constantly evolving. More importantly, Social Media/Interactive/PR/Creative/Ad agencies have not done a good job of defining their offerings and articulating them well to clients. And in absence of any well defined service offerings from agencies, clients prefer to do Social Media in-house.

What Can agencies do to remedy the situation?

  • Come out with well defined service offerings
  • Articulate their service offerings well to clients
  • Offer a result oriented approach to induce clients to try out Social Media
  • Hire best available talent who understand Social Media well and how to leverage it for Brand Promotion

Agencies will have to take a lead on this and guide their clients. Early birds will get the best returns!!

What do you think? Please let me know your thoughts:

Definition: What is Social CRM?

Social CRM is the business strategy of engaging customers through Social Media with goal of building trust and brand loyalty. Loyalty is defined as attitude towards a brand that inclines a customer to repurchase it and/or recommend it to others.

Social CRM and Social Media are more about building trust and managing loyalty with customers than about managing relationships or transactions, which are focus areas of “traditional” CRM.

Importance of Social Media

Excellent preso on importance of Social Media. Underscores why marketers need to engage their Customers through Social Media. My fav slides are 27 and 28: “You want us to Pay? We want you to pay attention”.

It is very clear that age of Socially Connected Customer has dawned, sooner marketers realize this and leverage Social Media to their advantage, better for them. Else, they risk being left behind by their Customers (see my earlier post tilted “Dear CMOs, Wake up to Social Media challenge


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