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Social Media and Co-creation of New Products: Del Monte Case Study

Del Monte case study is an excellent example of co-creation of a new product with loyal customers. This approach can not only reduce time and cost involved in new product development, but can greatly minimize the risk of new product being a “flop” – because customers have “co-created” it and it will be popular even before it hits store shelves! Added bonus is buzz this approach creates in Social and Mainstream Media and the WOM publicity.

Any organization that is in the process of developing a new product or improving an existing one should consider leveraging Social Media for this. Please watch this video and leave your comment on what you think:

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Tiger Woods, Brand Crisis and Social Media

Tiger Woods is my hero. I always watch him play golf with great admiration and have been inspired by his ability to bounce back into the game from seemingly hopeless situation, and then go on to win the title. Though it is painful to note the situation Tiger Woods is in, I am sure that he will bounce back the way he has done on countless occasions on the golf course.

But objective of this post is not to discuss about Tiger Woods as a person. What I want to highlight is how the Tiger Woods “brand” crisis has played out in “social media” and its impact. Tiger Woods’ story has dominated Social Media right from the moment news broke about his car accident. Most of us learnt about this accident and much more from Social Media and this has generated a lot of negative publicity for Tiger Woods brand in Social and Mainstream Media. So much so that sponsors who once lined up at Tiger Woods’ door are fleeing en masse (see Woods Gone From Accenture Web Site; P&G Pulling Ads and Gillette limits Tiger Woods’ role in marketing programs). The speed with which information has spread is astounding and Twitter beat established news outlets such as CNN in breaking the news.

Few other examples that come to mind while talking about Social Media brand crisis are United Airlines, Domino’s Pizza and Taco Bell.

United Airlines broke a guitar. This led to brand trashing on Social Media and the Youtube video titled United Breaks Guitars has registered more than 6.5 Million views. It is estimated that this cost the company $180 million in company valuation. (see COI: Cost of Inaction United Breaks Guitars)

In another incident of Social Media brand crisis, two employees of Domino’s Pizza filmed themselves breaking the hygiene standards in one of Domino’s Pizza store kitchen.The video was posted on YouTube and received more than one million views before it was pulled down. (see Viral Brand Crisis and Strategy). This incident received a lot of negative publicity in Mainstream and Social Media.

Taco Bell experienced Social Media brand crisis when a video of rats running around a Taco Bell’s store in New York was posted on YouTube and became an instant hit on the internet. This incident too received wide local, national and international media coverage.

All the above incidents of brand crisis underscores the importance of having a Social Media Crisis Management Plan. It should clearly highlight roles and responsibilities, procedure and protocols to be followed in the event of a brand crisis. Because the first step in solving any crisis is to identify and respond to it, and respond FAST when it comes to Social Media.

So here is a question for you. Do you have a Social Media Crisis Management Plan for your organization? If there is a crisis, will you handle it effectively or be caught napping and search for excuses? The Choice is yours!

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Why NOW is the time to invest in Social CRM

There has been lot of discussion on whether Social Media revolution is for real or is it some passing fad that will die down eventually. Well, those who have any doubt should read findings of a recent survey by Forrester. In this survey of 204 marketing executives across industries, it was found that recession is accelerating shift to interactive, mobile and social media.

Marketers were most optimistic about social media, online video, SEO, mobile, paid placement in social media, email and paid search, in descending order. Near the bottom were outdoor, telemarketing, radio and newspapers. As per Forrester’s Interactive Marketing forecast, Interactive marketing will approach $55 billion in marketing spend in 2014 benefiting from search, social media and mobile marketing.

It is important to note that in the past two years, time spent by consumers online has grown from 29% to 34%, but advertisers spend only 12% of their budget on Internet marketing. Forrester predicts that by 2014, spend will increase to 21% of budget. Forrester further predicts that both social and mobile will have the biggest compound annual growth rate (CAGR) — 34% and 27%, respectively through 2014.

So, there you have it! Consumers are spending more time online, interacting with their friends and contacts through Social Networks. TV and Print Media have seen their Viewership/Readership fall significantly. This is the right time to allocate (or should I say “shift”) resources for investment from “traditional” media to “new” media and engage customers through Social Media for building trust and loyalty (see my earlier post on What is Social CRM and why it is important). It is time for CMOs and Marketing Executives to wake up to Social Media challenge and lead from the front.

What do you think? Should CMOs & CIOs wait any longer before deciding to allocate $$$ for Social CRM Program?

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Brand Advocacy and Social Media

Great preso on Brand Advocacy and Social Media. I like slides on Seven Learnings for Social Media success (slide 40-48).

Some of the key takeaways are:

  • Consumers mention 56 brands in conversation  a week
  • 1 in 3 people come to a brand through recommendation
  • Customers referred by loyal customers have 37%  higher retention rate
  • Social Media is not an advertising platform, but a value delivery platform
  • Social Media allows us to market with people, instead of at them

CDC’s Social Media Initiatives

Great Video on CDC’s Social Media initiatives. It underscores importance of senior leadership’s involvement in championing use of Social Media tools in any organization. Also note that people who use Social Media tend to be more satisfied with their web experience in dealing with CDC. This is because social media offers two way exchange of information and customers feel “empowered” and “in control” while using Social Media.

Given vast reach of social networks, there is tremendous untapped potential for Federal, State and City government departments and agencies to embrace Social Media in a big way. If it happens, THAT will be a true Social Media Revolution.

Tom Peters on being Passionate about your work

Motivating talk by Tom Peters on importance of being passionate about the work we do. Very true about Social Media – where benefits are hard to quantify in short term!