Visualization of Social Media Usage Around the Globe

Trendstream has published an excellent visualization of Social Media usage around the globe (for more details see Mashable).

Global Map of Social Media – December 2009

To download the full size version, click here

Some of the key highlights include:

  • Social web is mass market: Hundreds of millions of web users are creating and sharing content every month
  • Massive impact of China: Vast Internet population coupled with socially active set of web users makes for a massive volume of content creators. Due to the inward looking nature combined with language limitations, the volume of content has limited impact the broader Internet
  • Engagement in Japan: Huge number of Japanese users are bypassing PC altogether and using mobile devices to access social platforms and create and share content. Just over 34% of social network users only accessed through mobile compared to 3% in the UK, a staggering indication of where the future is heading
  • The low level of microblog engagement: Despite Twitter hype, microblogging is still not a mass social activity and nowhere near the size and scale of blogging

I think Social Media usage will grow exponentially between 2010 and 2012 (next three years) as more people become aware of Social Media tools. Mobile and hand held devices will become primary access points for connecting to Social Network. Social Gaming and location based services/advertising over social networks will see very fast growth over the next 3-5 years. What do you think?

Please share your thoughts