How to Profit from Big Divide of Big Data

When it comes to Big Data and Analytics solution implementations for enterprise clients/large business organizations, I see a big divide between what functionality business users want and are demanding from their CTO or IT organization and the functionality that CTO or IT organization can deliver. I would like to call this gap as “Big Divide of Big Data“.

Given the exponential increase in number of sources and volume of Big Data being generated, thanks to digital and sensor based productivity revolution, this gap is growing wider every passing day. And one wonders if twain shall ever meet and if this divide can ever be filled or bridged. This is one of the key challenge being faced by CIO and CTO of most large business organizations.

What is a problem for CIOs and CTOs is an opportunity for vendors and solution providers. I see a great opportunity for System Integrators (SIs) and Consulting organizations when it comes to bridging this big divide of big data.  And this can be done through development of industry or vertical specific platform solutions for leveraging Big Data and Analytics.

I see this already happening in Health Care and Life Sciences industry/vertical and expect this trend to catch on in all other industries too, especially Banking/Financial Services, Insurance and Retail. Thanks to availability of industry specific platform based solutions,  large and medium-sized enterprises will be able to leverage Big Data and Analytics without making heavy upfront investments.

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  • Aashima

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  • Gabe

    Great post! Analyzing big data allows analysts, researchers, and business users to make better and faster decisions using data that was previously inaccessible or unusable. Using advanced analytics techniques such as text analytics, machine learning, predictive analytics, data mining, statistics, and natural language processing, businesses can analyze previously untapped data sources independent or together with their existing enterprise data to gain new insights resulting in significantly better and faster decisions.

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  • Exactly! I couldn’t agree more. Vendors working to bridge the gap is a must need right now. We all know how important Big Data Analytics is in the current healthcare industry and other fields.

    Here is an article I found on this:…..right-time-right-solution