• Making a distinction between structured and unstructured data and segregating them sure should be an useful idea. Having an approach starting with business objectives sure is the only way to go. Not only with Big data, it is the same with Social Media tools, Cloud computing, Mobile or the convergence of these with Big Data. Starting with tools and technologies sure is missing wood for trees. Very basic but often missed. I keep harping the same with businesses. It is hard but the only way. 

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  • paras_doshi

    Great insight! Thanks for sharing.

  • Harish, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.

    Right now we are developing a Case Study on how Social Media monitoring tools can help us with our customer’s Complaint Management process. Agree with you that business idea is more important than data.

    However, I believe that an opposite approach can be used just as well: a good Data Scientist can draw business ideas just by looking at data with the professional eye…