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    I think with Blockbuster restructuring their prices and
    their business I think they are going to have a good chance coming in first.
    Recently DISH Network released the Blockbuster
    Movie Pass
    which is a really good deal. For current customers the Movie Pass
    is only $10 dollars and for new customers it is free for 12 months. The movie
    pass offers you streaming, a DVD mail in option or in store exchange for
    movies, games, and over 20 premium movie channels. You get Blu-ray DVDs and
    games at no extra charge and new releases 28 days before Netflix. I have DISH
    Network as my provider/employer and so when they came out with the Blockbuster Movie Pass
    I thought it was the perfect bundled package.

  • SMS

    I agree that while social media did play a role in this (primarily speeding the entire process up significantly) I think that that Netflix is saving Blockbuster’s bacon because they, like many other comapnies, just flat out ignored their customers and they are now paying the price.  Even in today’s business climate and with the added pressure from social media Netflix ignored the number one rule (whether through greed, incompetence or arrogance) the customer always comes first. 

  • You are correct, this is an excellent opportunity for Blockbuster to seize the initiative and re-establish its brand, thanks to errors by Netflix.

    Blockbuster is a known brand and should capitalize on this opportunity!

    Harish Kotadia, Ph.D.

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, appreciated!

    Yes, the customer always comes first. This is going to be a classic case study on how NOT to do things in marketing!

    Harish Kotadia, Ph.D.

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    The only reason I am here is for an ITM essay -_-

  • Thanks, that explains increased traffic from Canada to my #scrm #crm blog I guess!

    Harish Kotadia, Ph.D.

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    LOL same ^