• Thanks Harish as usually your posts are trully pleasant to read. I can only confirm your saying especially for we often respect more our wife/husband etc. more than ourselves. It is true that companies need to embrace the potential of such opportunities. I have just finished a recommendation for a French company (one of the top 10) on VoC initiatives & value co-creation. Indeed they have 0 initiative running in terms of VoE and they have 30,000 employees; can you imagine the loss? We are trully facing a moment of truth nowadays & I hope collective intelligence & the potentials of SCRM & Social Business will deliver their promises! Very exciting.
    Thank you again!

  • Thanks Frederic for sharing your thoughts and for your kind words:

    Yes, there exits tremendous potential for collaborating with customers. If business truly listens to customers, they will realize how much they are doing is wrong and wasteful. Social Media offers them tools to engage with customers. This is a moment of truth and those companies that can leverage social networking technology to their advantage will emerge as winners.

    Thanks again,

    Harish Kotadia, Ph.D.