• I know that a lot of major retailers have begun using technology to make shopping more convenient for their customers. But technology is moving so fast these days, and retailers need to find more innovative ways to market their products in order to be effective, especially with more people online nowadays. The video you shared simply takes retail shopping a little bit higher than ever with new technology (apps not only in computers but also for mobile phones) and social networks being combined to make shopping really more convenient. I believe that retailers, both online and brick & mortar, should realize how important the social media would be for them. Nonetheless, I also believe that it is still important that products and customer service are topnotch, otherwise this won’t work.

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    Hi Harish,

    Good thoughts. I posted on a similar topic a few weeks ago (http://andrewbschultz.com/social-shoppingsocial-buying/). I think a retailer does have a great opportunity to take their business model in a different direction with Social CRM and other social media strategies – one of the things I see as being central to this, but which isn’t fully baked (or even half-baked) is measuring influence.