• Roger

    I was hoping for more.  You didn’t answer your premiss of “HOW”  What tools to use,  HOW to put a strategy together.  Good question though.

  • Indeed.  Social media provides a mechanism for creating more authentic customer relationships and interactions.  Consumers have become numb to the homogenized media campaigns of the last several decades because they are so obviously fake; and with technology, much easier to avoid (e.g.  everyone uses a DVR).  As a result, there is no trust or respect for the brand and the company must compete on price alone.  Social media enables a more authentic relationship that goes deeper than purely price comparison, this is going to be critical in an era where pricing power is for the most part weak. 

  • Roger – Thanks for your comments. I have extensively written about it in my blog posts. Please check them out: http://HKotadia.com

    Harish Kotadia, Ph.D.

  • Thanks Blaine for sharing your thoughts, much appreciated!

    You are right, consumers have become numb to mass or homogenized media and Social Media can be effectively used for more authentic customer relationships – for engaging customers.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!

    Harish Kotadia