• True,

    Very good example of how social media is becoming integral part of organization’s legacy systems. Something as basic as loyalty can be topped up with Social Media to give an all new different flavor. Also how organizations are using social media currency instead of real world currency!

  • Love the quote

    “A great customer advocacy program will not only engage customers through Social Media channels, but reward them for their advocacy on Social Networks”.

    But need to check if greed for rewards (discounts/freebies) might lead to abuse of the advocacy program. Seeing that manifest with some brands on Facebook where primary reason people like or become a fan of a brand is to get discounts/freebies.

  • Social CRM is going to be next year’s big buzz word and everyone is going to be clamouring to be one of the firsts to do it right.
    All these deals by checking in is one great way to go about it, and I think it’s going to get more popular as people start using the Facebook places more. I’m not a big user of the location tracking programs, but I think Facebook has an advantage in that they tell you about deals before you actually check in. That way if I don’t really like a store but I see they have a good deal I would be more likely to check in. With others like Foursquare you have to first check in before you can see if a deal is available. I think by showing people they can get something great ahead of time, people will be more likely to check in.
    I think that Tasti D Lite is on the right track and we’ll see a lot more brands following suit soon enough.

    Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos (http://sysomos.com)