• richanderson77


    Thanks for maintaining such a nice blog.

    I am following up to see if you can review or at least try service from InVox (http://www.invox.com).

    InVox (Intelligent Voice) allows you to configure a fortune-500 phone system in 5 mins without custom coding with Speech Recognition. We won the Best of Show at IT Expo for their intuitive do-it-yourself web 2.0 designer.

    The system is simple with drag and drop interface. Its web based Visio allowing you to create voice mashups. Out of the box, Invox integrates with CRM (Salesforce, Sugar, Zoho), database, web services, payment gateways, online calendars, surveys, auto answering service, diaster notifications, locators and much more.

    Our showcases include integrations with Twitter (say and leave your twee), Yelp, Salesforce, Yahoo and others.

    Invox is also offering a free PBX with call forwarding to Skype and Google Talk.

    I would like to schedule a time with you to showcase a demonstration of the system. As a token of appreciation, I will be willing to provide you with a free phone system with 250 mins each month for your company.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Rich Anderson
    Invox – http://www.invox.com
    Phone: 1.877.800.0729 (Say 'Rich')

    Follow us on twitter and get $10 off on your business phone system – http://www.invox.com/twitter.php

  • ssrikanth

    SocialCRM is NOW & everywhere, everyone has got into that act. However I personally (based on my India experience) haven't seen this media yet ready to kick-off from a corporate CRM initiative per se or its integration into a customer-service channel.
    Most of the Indian BPO's (mostly outsourced – not many captive) still run in a traditional TDM environment, with little or no external solutions interface capabilities.
    The basic customer-service itself is a far-cry in these centers, hence the issue of being innovative in integrating multi-media environments into a contact-centre operations is too far from my experience in India.

  • Thanks Srikanth @sriksesh for your comment. You are right in saying that Social CRM isn't yet an integral part of Customer Service. This is the case not only in India, but for most organizations in US and Europe too. There are very few good case studies of organizations using Social Media to engage their customers and prospects.

    But having said that, let me quickly add that things are changing fast. As customers start using Social Media channels in a big way to discuss about their good and bad experiences with products and services, organizations are being forced to adopt Social CRM – else they risk getting bad publicity, not only in Social Media but also the mass media – as we have seen from some recent examples. This is the reason why Social Media customer support is gaining traction and will become part of overall Customer Support centers or contact centers.

    In my blog post, I have tried to highlight this business opportunity for the IT services and BPO companies and ways they can profit from it.

    Thanks again for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts.

    Harish Kotadia, Ph.D.

  • Absolutely, the opportunity is huge, rightly implemented. Especially for B2C firms, which lacks the key touchpoints with their customers, this could be a great boon.
    The cost of customer-service, customer-retention et. al. can come down significantly, with the costs associated with contact-centre based business model can be mostly done-away with through this model.
    Key to success — thoughtful implementation & no lip-service to this strategy.

  • Thanks Srikanth @sriksesh for the comment. Yes, the opportunity is huge and Social Media are a boon for B2C marketers. I expect Social CRM and Social Media Support to catch on very fast in the next 12-24 months. And BPO and IT services organizations need to start preparing for that now for effectively leveraging this opportunity.

    Thanks again,

    Harish Kotadia, Ph.D.

  • Thanks Rich for your kind words, appreciate your offer.

    Harish Kotadia, Ph.D.

  • Nice post about IT and BPO companies.

  • Thanks for your kind words. Much Appreciated!

  • Thanks for your kind words. Much Appreciated!

  • Thanks for your kind words. Much Appreciated!